Saturday, 28 February 2009


Hi everyone,

Just the one today, I'm juggling muiltible projects right now.

Another one of my Badger design this time in lemon.

I hope to have some more soon if i can get the commissions done on time. Take care and happy crafting.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Latest ideas & work

Hi everyone,

Appols about the lack of life over here, i have not been that well, and have been snowed under at work so inspration has not been very forth comming..........Until now that is.....

To the right you will see a rather poor photo of two tags with shapes on. Each tag is make of Shrink plastic (i love this stuff) and mesures around 4cm by 2cm, On them are the names Kerry (on the left) & Neil Strong on the right. (still wet with gloss)

These are written in Hieroglyphs, which is not easy as there are so many versions and technicaly no vowels.

I thought these would make nice pendants, with some beads and silver wire attached. They can also be used as key rings.What do you think??

I have also been making comissioned cards but have not been able to take photos as the clients wanted them straight away.

My Best mate Sarah (fluffs creations) got interviewed by the local press for winning an online comp on the ellzibells site. She deserved it to cause she has an amazing talent for high quality cards, which are eye catching and appealing. So im green with envy right now and it has made me want to try harder and better to up my game.

For the past few weeks i have been learning how to draw and colour in the disney style. This has resulted in two film shot style drawing.

The first is a Tridiorn (my own little character) standing on a mole hill watching the land whilst his heard graze near by.

As you can see the mole is not to happy with having his house stepped on.

My second drawing is of a stag

The story with him is this:

The past repeats it's self showing things that have happen long ago. In the world of once upon a time a stag bold & cocky, carefree and wild ran against the hounds. He raced ahead strong and unafraid. Then he found the snare. All power was taken from him. His antler broken like a twig. His bold spirit striped from him,trapped awaiting the jaws of death, weak as a day old fawn. From that fearful night any who stray to the clearing might see his fate again as his soul is forced to replay his demise over and over as a warning to those think to highly of themselves.

Hence his face is cold looking and he has glowing antlers.

I hope you like the update so far, I will update again tommorow with some cards, till then, take care and happy crafting.

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