Tuesday, 28 October 2008

What i did today

Hi everyone,

Today I ment Princess Ann, at my local St John office where we were having an open day. I Chatted with her, shock her hand & waved a flag. She's a very nice lady.

So now i've met:

Lawarnce luelene bowyn (chated and hugged)
The Queen (Saluted)
Princess Ann (chatted, shook hand, waved a flag cheered)

I wonder who's next??

Right now I'm in pain, my shoulders gone funny, i'm cold & ace all over. I will say more later for now i need food, drink, and sleep.

Take care all and happy crafting.

Saturday, 25 October 2008

More about what i get up to

Well i did mention i do Photography on my about me bit. So i though i had better show some photos.

Here's two robing having a chat about who gets the dried mealworm. Taken at work and within four foot of them.
And here' s another Robin at work having a sing song in a tree.

My photos are mostly of wildlife from home and work, I also go to country shows get photos of horses, dogs and other animals. Sometimes i get a tad to close to the action......

......and other times i stick my neck out

But i get out ok. I love wildlife so much i will do any thing for a good photo.

I love getting close so i can see the white of the subjects eyes, Which can lead to a lot of fun. And someone hanging on to me.

So like the above remember to keep smiling, have fun and happy crafting.

Take care.

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Right more work.

Sorry about the delay in updating, personal stuff has been in the way, I will try to get even more cards made asap for you all to see.

As to cards First of Miss Kitty Princess.

Using a border glittered card, (form a set brought in Smiths & hobby craft) Gold, Border stickers, Stick on gem stones on the collar Gold sticker words and a cat stamp Which the head and body have be stamped twice to create a raise effect on foam squares.

Next A Card for a male who likes Bikes

Done using neastibillies Die cuts, Cuttle bug embossing folder (Swirls something), A small star stamp and star words cheap stamp brought from Hobby Craft. To colour to the stamped image of the biker i used Silver Gel pens and my Pro markers.

Hope you like so far more to come soon. Till then take care & Happy Crafting.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Christmas card Design Idea

Just the one for today, A christmas design with a little undocked Rotty Pup playing at being one of santas Raindeer.
Image hand drawn, corner punched, mounted on red handmade paper and then on to gold fiber like card. Gemstones added to corners. Cheap un-named stamp for the words and Cut out with Nestibbilities Dies.
The image was drawn in indian ink and coloured with Tria Markers & gold gel pens.
If people would like a copy of the Image please say & i will see if i can get anyone to make it in to a stamp.
Take care and Happy crafting.

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Todays Cards

Well here's today's selection. Appol's for the lateness of this I've been at work most of the day (hurra for overtime)!! trying to catch up on a rather large backlog of work. The only good thing about the work, was that we did not have to keep stop starting due to running a helpline at the same time. It's guarantied the minute you start something you need to concentrate on the phone rings and you have to stop and start something new.

Plus I'm getting nervous over submiting design ideas to Spiral whispers, I so hope that they like what i sent in. I cant wait to find out agagagagagaga my nerves!!!!!!!

Any way enough with the rabbles on with the cards.

First off a Christening stamp using one of the new Cherri sh Teddy stamp brought at the Alli Paly this year, when i went with my Best Friend Sarah. I also used Sticky gems, Silver sticker words and borders, with Light blue Mottled card stock.

Next A Gothic Rose birthday card.
Made with a Red base card, Gold card stock, Gold sticker lettering, Do crafts stick ribbon, and Sizzix die cut rose.
I hope you like so far.
Take care & happy crafting to everyone.

Friday, 17 October 2008

More creative fun

Hi everyone, hope all well and theres lots of happy crafting going on in the world.

Me wellllll...................yep i'm still creating and crafting, Doing more cards, Bookatricks, and tags, I know i'm not as adventurus as a lot of people out there but i'm still quite new to the scene.
I have submited some drawing to Stamp making compaine called Spiral whisper to see if i could get somewhere with my art work . So who know you might see my name a around a bit more. (It would cheer me up no end to)
Anyway on to the work.

A cat tag with Sizzix die cut, a star punch, Cute cat stamp and card stock.

Next a bookatrick card for someone who likes driving.

Done with card stock, sticky ribbon and stickers.

Last of all A Mothers day card.

Using Penny black images & stamps, with Papermaina papers and sticky ribon flowers.
I hope you like more to come tommorow.

Take care & happy crafting

Thursday, 16 October 2008

More arts & crafts to show

Here are a few more cards, and tags i have made of late using stamping Die cuts and lots of other crafting goodies.
This first card I used rub on's, card stock , stickers, wire, flower punches, gold gel pens, and a Fiskars Boarder punch.

Next we have a Dog Tag.

Made with A sizzix Tag die, Penny Black stamped image, mixed card stock, gold gel pens, Pro Markers and a star punch.

Last but not least are my unicorn and dragon cards.
Both are hand drawn images on card. the backgrounds are made with card stock and stickers. The images were draw with Indian ink and Tria Markers. I hope you are liking what you are seeing so far.
Take care & happy crafting.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

More of my work

Well i hope everyone's having a good time. I'm busy as always at work and at home. I thought i should show you some thing I have been working on for ages.
Yep these are bookmarks, handmade and drawn, due to the fact i'm still learning to draw on the computer. Backed on to plain coloured card & Laminated. They are draw at the size of the bookmark so rather weeny detail. I had asked for a pro company to do the work, but things got legal, and then they lost the original work. For a year i heard nothing till chance came that they were returned to me. (Hugs paper work). So I'm never letting go of the originals again.
Anyway what do people think? Made with :
  • Tria Markers
  • Bristol Board
  • Indian Ink
  • Gold, Silver & Bronze gel pens
Any feed back or questions are appreciated.
Take care everyone and happy drawing/crafting

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Pics Ahoy!!!!

Hi everyone,
Ok here we go, my first pic.
A Book of Tricks i made of late. I have been trying to use some of the huge supplies of stickers/ peal offs i have. I thought these ones go well mounted on each other with foam squares seems to just give it that little bit of depth. I also used a Penny Black Stamps on foam squares.

I prefer simple layout that are gentle on the eyes and i think this book of tricks meets this. I enjoy making these bookatricks and hope to have lots more soon, though i find the colour matching hard i hope to get better soon.

I hope you like. Take care and happy crafting.

Hello Everyone

Hello everyone,

I hope your all well. I'm new to this place & blogging so please bear with me as i get my head around this. I hope to up date soon and show you what I'm up to, and what i can do.
Oh ......& sorry about the spelling i cant spell very well, but that's another tale to tell.

My Hobbies include :
  • Drawing/Illistrations
  • Card Making
  • Photography
So hope you will enjoy what you see. I am happy to answer any questions you might have and look foward to learning & watching everyone.

Till then take care & Happy Crafting
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