Sunday, 31 January 2010

Face only a mother could love

Hi everyone,

Just a couple of photos whilst i'm thinking. I have been planning some more cards but i need to get a stock take done first. I also need to look for a show to do as i'm drowning in cards.
In the mean time i thought i would show you how the progress with Little ginger the stray has gone.

Little ginger..... Well i think he's settled in now. He obays comands through clicks and will do things when asked. e.g. sit, go there, come ear!, what do you want? (meows back).
So progress has been good, he's not bothered about bill though she still smacks him if he sniffs her.
My parants still say he has the face only a mother could love. He still has to get the snip as he smells but he's good and does not spray indoors.
It's sad to think that people dump pets, i'm so glad i have saved two, yet my heart goes out to the thousands i can't help or the boxes of kittens and elderly animals that are killed because homes can't be found. I wish the government would sponser the world wide nueturing and controlled breeding prodject. That way it would save the suffering.. ..... anyway i have better get of the soap box. so take care and happy crafting.

JCB challenge 2 idea

Hi everyone,
I hope your all well and having a good weekend.
Just a quicky. This is my submition for the Just cute bears challenge over at:

I used,

  1. FF stamp
  2. Gems
  3. Nesties
  4. Doliy punch
  5. Gold stickers.

Right now i'm working on a few ideas and having a spring clean so i might be a little short in the card department. But i will do my best.

Comments and feedback welcome.

So till next time take care averyone and happy crafting.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Blue Birthday butterfly

Hi everyone,
Todays card Is made with :
Butterfly rub on
Doliy punch
Flower punch
Silver stickers and pen
Mixed card stock.
Hope you like feed back welcome till next time happy crafting.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Lilac presents

Hi everyone,

Hope your all well,

This is my submissions for a challenge at create4fun at

and i'm going to put it in for the just cute bears challenge at

I used:

  1. Mixed card stock
  2. Foam pads
  3. Gold pen/ stickers
  4. FF Stamp dec'dFlower punch
  5. Fabric flower.
  6. CB embossing folder and die
  7. Ribbon

I enjoyed making this one, so till the next card take care everyone and happy crafting.

Penny Black challenge

Hi everyone,
I thought i would have a go at the Penny Black Saturday Challenge. It can be found at
Made with:
  1. Penny Black cute kitten stamp
  2. Doily punch
  3. Nesty heart
  4. CB embossing folders
  5. Gold stickers
  6. Ribbon
  7. Gold pens
  8. Mixed card stock
It's not quite as i wanted and i have left the nesy blank so it can go to someone who choses the message.
Any way more soon so take care and happy crafting.

Friday, 22 January 2010


Hi everyone,

I was allowed to take a pic of two whipits at a show. They where so sweet. So i did a drawing from the photo. I found the markings hard to duplicate. But for a free hand drawing i'm happy with it I need to practice my layers more. I also need to be bolder with my light and shadow use, i'm rather timid with it. Any way hope you like, As always feedback of anysort is more than welcome.

Take care and happy crafting.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

another quick card.

Hi everyone another card today.

Lemon version of my quick card.

I will be adding another layer to the bear and balloon, 9new photo later) also gemstones will be added.

Same materials used as last time.

Take care everyone and happy crafting.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Spike The horse

Hi everyone I hope your all well.

I thought i should show some other work so i think every month i will show some thing differnt.

In this case a portraitof spike the hunter horse. Refernce taken from a local toffee nose stable.

Wonderful horse very sweet very big to! I felt tiny compared to him.

I now and then do animal portraits though i struggle greatly. I wana do one for a friend. i tried once and it all went to pot. so i'm going to ask again.

Hope people like.

Take care and happy crafting.

Deco P2

Hi everyone,

Yep another image idea. Using the magniolia cat and branch. Layers again so that the cats tail goes between the layers.
Mounted on a nesti and coloured in with pro markers.

These stamps work very well in this way. so it's worth having a go at it.
More cards soon, till then take care and happy crafting.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Deco idea P1

Hi everyone,

As i'm out of square cards right now i have been

playing with the images i want to put on them.

The image here made by using my magniols cute horse and cat images.

I layered them up 3 times and then placed them. together using a little gue on the cats tail to hold it in place.

I used pro markers for the colours.

I think this would go well for a toddlers birthday or something....... Need to think about it.

Any way more suff on the way take care and happy crafting.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Quick card challenge

Hi everyone hope your all well,

For the Forever friend challenge
The card only took under 10 mins to make using:

  1. FF stamp
  2. Promarkers
  3. Nesties
  4. Paperned paper
  5. Gold stickers
  6. Doily punch.

I enjoyed doing this as i have not got much time right now so it was good to be able to enter a fast card for something. I would normally add gem stones down the gold border, but have run out for now.... I need to go shoppin!

The nesties blank as i'm not sure what to add and different people like differnt things. so the buyer can deside.

Anyway all the best for everyone, Take care and happy crafting.

Riders delight

Hi everyone,
Another simple based card. I have run out of square cards so an a little stuck on what i can do. Till i have time to go shop.
I was going to back this is patterned papers but completely forgot (smacks head).
Made with:
Magnolia stamp
Cuttle bug border
Silve pen/stickers
Oh the backgrouns the cat as shes sat where i wanted to put the cards.
Anyway back to the grind stone, so take care and happy crafting.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

shopping blues

Hi everyone, Just a quicky,

I had this image and was trying to make a Shopping theamed card quickly for a relitive. I ended up making something very simple but i'm happy with it. If it was for anyone else i would have done more. I just did not feel up to it.

I used:

  1. Stamped image
  2. pro markers
  3. nestis
  4. doliy lace punch
  5. silver stickers/pens
  6. Gemstones

Much better stuff to come soon.

Take care and hapy crafting.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Nesti number picker

Hi everyone,
Odd title i know,

but heres what i'm thinking:

Your at a show and someone looks at your cards and asks questions do you have a ...... ? Do you have a ......? Then you find the card with the image they like it looks like a good sale fair and just for the product, but ho noesss!! it's the wrong saying or number...... darn the customer loses intrest and goes off and buys a mass made over priced printed thing.

But how do you get around this??

Do you make the same design and have 100's with differnt saying?? Nar you will breach Angel polices doing that. So instead. Cut out blank nesties eg circle and scallop shown here. Then take a select sticker set or stamps to the show. Be senible and think of time you have.

When the customer finds the fitting image offer to them a choice of sayings or numbers, Decorate your nesties as fit and sell sell sell.

It's worth a try. any way that's me thinking. Oh and the cards made with :

  1. Magnolia horse Decopages
  2. Magnolia rider
  3. Dolly lace punch
  4. Silver stickers/ silver pen/ Ribbon
  5. Gemstones
  6. Mixed card stock
  7. Nesties

Take care and happy crafting.

Friday, 15 January 2010

Ruby mice

Hi everyone I hope all well with you all and your creative juices are flowing

For a Ruby anerversery Two mice having a hug made using :

  1. Penny Black mice Stamp
  2. Cuttlebug borders
  3. Nesties dies
  4. flower gems
  5. gold pens and stickers
  6. Pearl ruby red card

I saw the image which i stamped using my friend saraha stamp and did not quite know what to use it for. then whilst having sort out the idea came to me.

Feedback more than welcome.
Take care and happy crafting to all.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Cute Card Thrsday Challenge

Hi everyone hows it going?

I had half hour to spare so whiped up this little card and then desided to enter it in the Cute Card Thursday comp.

I used;

My own design Badger stamp
Nesties Dies
Silver pen and stickers
Pink Ribbon
Mixed card/paper stocks

The compertion is at

I know my cards not that good. But who knows??
Anyway take care and all the best wishing you all happy crafting.

For nanna

Hi everyone,
um something differernt i got a bit fed up with seeing white magnolias so i thought i would be a bit more muti cutureal friendly.

Made with:

  1. Magnolia Stamps
  2. Gold pen and stickers
  3. mixed card stock
  4. Dolly lace punch.
  5. nesties dies

Any feedback more than welcome.

Till next time take care and happy crafting to all.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Boys toys

Hi all ,
Heres one for the lads, I normally layer the bike and rider but am short on time.
Made with:
Nesti dies
Silver pens
Bikers stamp
Silver stickers
Hope you like it. My tria markers are running out hence the strange colours. But hay i think it kina works. Till next time take care and happy crafting.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

For the Forever Freinds challenge

Hi everyone,

I hope your all well, I think i'm back with craftyness right now. I feel much more happy with what i'm making as well.
My Mums at home now but is very limited to what she can do which frustrates her, but she's doing her best not to get board.
I felt inspired buy the Forever Friends challenge
when i saw it today over at

And since i had a spare 1/2 hour between doing chors and helping mum do things i thought i would have a go the card is made with:
  1. Silver gel pens
  2. Purple ribbon
  3. Purple gemstones
  4. Silver stickers
  5. Dolly lace punch
  6. Cuttlebug embossing border
  7. Tria markers
  8. Nesties dies
  9. FF stamp
  10. Foampads

I mounted the nesties and the Little bear twice to add depth. I also mounted up the words so the key parts stand out and grab the eye.

I hope people like it. It's got more to it than my normal cards, as always any feed back is more than welcome. Till next time take care and happy crafting.

Christmas readyness

Hi everyone,

Yer a tad early I know but i need to get on with things whilst i can. I need to do lots of show this year and have good stuff to sell.
Made with:

  1. Daisy/ dadilion stamp
  2. Mixed card stock
  3. Gold pen and stickers
  4. Dolly lace punch.
  5. nesties

Hope everyone likes i might layer the bear later. Take care and happy crafting.

Monday, 11 January 2010


Hi everyone,
Here's todays card. Made with:
  1. Mixed stock
  2. Magnolia stamp
  3. Sliver pen and stickers
More cards to follow soon. Till then take care and happy crafting.

Friday, 8 January 2010

For the artist card

Hi all,
Hope your well.
This next card is designed for a future artist or dodle'r in the family, I have left the bottom blank as i need to play with male words like brother, son, you the best... that sorta thing.
Made using:
  1. Magnilia Erwin stamp
  2. Nesties
  3. mixed card stocks
  4. gems
Feed back or suggestions are more than welcome.
Take care everyone and happy crafting.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

not posting due to family pobs

Hi I have just got back from the hospital where my mum is after she fell on ice on some steps when trying to get to the shops to buy some boots so she could walk to work.......cause her boss was rude to her......... She has a badly broken wrist and due to complications had the surgury to day at 2.00ish. One doc had orginally said it would have to wait till monday and that we were to take her home with paster around the wrist. But after i explained that she had had numbness in 3 of her fingers since the accident at 9.20 that there was clearly something wrong and it needed to be delt with. Also the fact that there's little to no access to where i live except on foot and she could not even stand.

When she fell i banged on 3 doors and called for help whlist my dad phoned 999..... you know what.... people looked out there windows but did not come out. She lost contusiness several times and i was holding her up incase she went down in the snow. she was frozen and in bad shock. Luckly one man did open his door and he was first aided trainned, his wife/partner turned out to be a trainny nurse who works on the same desk as my mum. they helped get her in and sat down in there house. whilst i waited for the paramedic. they arrived very quick in a 4 by 4 (go andy) the medic i new as he trainned me 10 years ago and i was so glad to see him. then lardy and another chap (worked with) appeared in the big yellow special ambulance but were stood down. So off mum went with Andy. Me and dad had to get a bus 1/2 mile away in to town then walk to the hospital. we had to buy socks and boots on the way through. it was a hard walk and we kept slipping over. i was terriffied my dad would be hurt. When we got to hospital we werere taken straight to her, Andy had rung her boss and had a right go at her and so did the recptionist at casualy (old friend) One of the girls form the department mum works on came down but could not stay long cause the boss had not been happy (the clinics for the day were canciled so i give in) Mum had had her xray and was told an opp to pin and plate her wrist was needed. the said come back on Monday. we said no. I was glad the surgon and the anniatist found out about the numbness otherwise.... i don't know.

Mum was in surgury for over 2 hours and we got to see her at 4:30 it was horried listening to the moniteors going beep beep bep! They did ops for a while and then evently got her on a ward about 6.00. where she will be till tommorow. we got a taxi to the pub and walked home in the road. the cats are looking for her and wont settle, i'm tired and in pain, my head hurts and i feel empty inside.

I know i'm brusised as i fell first and mum fell behind me, but i forgot about my self and when i saw her wrist (fork break) she was my only thought.

So please everyone don't go on the ice no matter how much you work moan or are rude. Don't take the risk. We saw 7 broken ankles a spinal and head injury and many other people in the hospital. A hudge amount of breaks where for people who work at the hospital and were ordered to walk in........ it an't worth it.
Good night.

Next card

Hi again ,
Hope your all doing good at those resolution thingys ( I know you all are)

Another card. Made with:

  1. Magnolia stamp
  2. Dolly lace punch gem stones silver pens and stickers
  3. Mixed card stock.
  4. Nesties

I am beging to like these stamps though i still feel like they are watching me all the time.

Feedback welcome as always,
Take care and happy crafting to all.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Waving at the birthday girl

Hi everyone, Pheewe what a week!

I give in with the snow it's nice to look at fun to roll in but a pain in the rear to get to work in. It's also delaying all my post which is not fun as i need the thing i ordered,

Another quick card using:

  1. Waving magnolia
  2. Gem stones
  3. Dolly punch
  4. Nesties gold stickers
  5. Card stock.
  6. Foam pads

I fell these characters work best when mounted up it just feels better and gives them dat ickle edge.

Feed back welcome as always take care and happy crafting.

Cards and snow

Hi everyone i hope your all well,

Well since i'm stuck at home due to massive snow fall and it's to dangerous to go out i have finaly been making some cards.
Bilbo could not even jump over the snow and was having to wade through it... she's a big cat! I managed to meet hr half way across the garden and carried her to the house.

Over the next few days i will post them for you. Though i hope to make the 4 mile walk in to work tommorow even if i have to nick my mums wellies.
The first card i made is a gate fold apature card. It's my first one. I used:
  1. Magnolia ladybug stamp
  2. Gold stickers
  3. Dolly punch
  4. Flower punch
  5. Sun punch
  6. Gold gell pens
  7. Nesties regtangles
I found it very hard to do, but i'm quite happy with the result. as always any feed back is much appricated. More cards on the way.
So take care and happy crafting.
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