Sunday, 25 October 2009

Butternut Squash Heads


Um yer it's what i call Magniolia's. I will be honest and say i have never been that keen on them... they scare me!!
But I desided to buy some off a friend and have a go with them.
The first fun was putting them on mounting stuff so an hour later with many a rude word said they were ready to be tested. (it suck to everything but the stamps!)
So i took out my trusty markers, (tria & Pro) and had a go. I had no idea what i was doing but after 1/2 hour of playing the inks i was quite happy. Then i saw a little seance in my head with the images so tried it out and this was the result.
I drew in the background and frame. Im quite happy with it. Any comments more than welcome.
Take care everyone and happy drawing.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Hi everyone, Hope your all well,
I have just got to more tags to show. Both tags are made using My Sixix Dies for the base and decopaged stamped images on top.
I still have loads of these to do so i hope you don't get board of seeing them.
I must mention i did a little church hallshow last weekend ...well it went better than any of the other shows i have done with a £6 profit. I think the nicest thing was to clear stock this has inspired me more and i feel that my work cant be that bad.
On a seprate note great news Little gingers going for the snip next week, He's going in and then has to stay in for 3 days, So i have to clean out the Garage for him to sleep in. ehhehe I just hope he does not spray everywhere..

Anyway work to do Places to run to and cats to feed, so take care and happy crafting.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

A bit of info

Hi everyone,
Is it me or it it getting cilly out there??
As my watchers know i recently changed my domain name to have Dragon Art in it... so i thought i should explain why.

When not making cards i Do lots and lots of drawing, mostly dragons. I also do realistic animal sketches to when i have the time. I am hoping to be be able to show you some of theses inbetween the cards and such.

I though i would show you a drawing or two of mine.
The first is a Quick drawing of my Cat Bilbo
Yep she's fat and fluffy but very sweet.

The next little drawing is more of a joke after finding out a friend spelt Igloo with an E, which then made it sound like Egg-loo.

After than i was stuck with the image in my head the whole day.
Most images i do are with Mircon pens which are rather expensive but the inks archival and does not smudge if you work itt right. E.g. Markers before ink.

I also Use Promarkers now and then for drawings. These pens can be tricky if you don't have the right Paper/card stock to use with them.
I tend to you Bristol board But people are charging silly prices for it! You should be able to get 25 sheets for £4.00 But places like Hobby craft charge £9.00 for 25 sheets.

In the long run I would like to improve my skills both in drawing and card making. I would not mind doing a kids book or something. But i have no qualifications so i don't stand much of a chance of that.
But don't worry I've not given up cards but i will
be trying more to show a good range of things. That way i can appeal to a wider range of people.
So till next time everyone take care and happy crafting.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

More tags

Hi everyone,

I have entered these in to the Forver friend challenge, I know theres more than one but i could not deside witch to choose form. See:

Oh my Christmas is comming! the cat's are getting fat!

Yep 4 more tags,

People seem to like theses I find them quite easy to make and

it's nice not to have to think to much about what i'm doing.(except when using s

I have found that the FF stamps are just the right size for the tags which is handy. I have other stamps but i just find these are so much better images.

I still have loads more to make ....... In a sence it's harder to do things for people instead of doing it for yourself......I find that i feel presurised to complete the task and i lose the enjoymnt of it all I feel caged....

I have been doing some a small comic in between doing the tags to break them up so i don't lose intrest.

I have a week to get ready for the show Sarahs invited me to. Sh'e not been feeling well so i Hope she will be well for the weekend.

Anyway back to the grind stone.

So everyone take care and happy crafting to you all and to all a crafty night

Wednesday, 7 October 2009


Hi everyone,
I hope your all well and having lots of fun.
Me and my best friend Sarah at Fluffs creations are going to do another show at a local playschool church place. I just hope we can sell something. It really makes you feel sad when you cant even shift a 50p card.
Anyway on to tonights fun.
I have just been given a comission for christmas tags I need to make 20 of the little buggers! So far i have done 4 in an hour.
I'm puffed I think i will do some more tommorow. Someone else set the price so i am selling these for peanuts which is a tad annoying, But hay ho.
I have managed to over streach a few tendons in my arms making them.
I hope to have some more ideas up.... well i'm going to have to. Mind you making these has made me feel more at one with my patterned papers. So i might try some of the layouts with cards as well.... If i have time.. Hum matching tags and cards???? Might work.
Any feed back as always is appricated,
Considering the shows a week away i seem to already be on edge.
But i guess we can only do our best.
so till next time take care and happy crafting.
Buy the way if anyone can make any suggestions for keeping up moral i'm all ears.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Flower Power

Hi again,
The next card today is featuring Fern the Badger . I liked the idea of her giving flowers. I think this image would worrk will with a get well card,(I might do that later).
This is one of my few attempts to uses patterned papers. I think it's ok What do you recon?
I should of used the nesties on the image and words but i forgot to.
Till next time take care and happy crafting.

More for Christmas

Hi everyone,

Two more cards for now.

I have been trying to clean up and redo some old cards. By layering and adding details i think i have improved these enought to sell but only for 50P ( Im not greedy). I just want to be able to clear out my stock right now.
I need to set up a thingy on Ebay and shift stuff.
Both were made with stickers and mixed card scraps.
There's another card to come but i just need to clean up the image a little.
Till then. Take care everyone and i wish you happy crafting
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