Sunday, 25 October 2009

Butternut Squash Heads


Um yer it's what i call Magniolia's. I will be honest and say i have never been that keen on them... they scare me!!
But I desided to buy some off a friend and have a go with them.
The first fun was putting them on mounting stuff so an hour later with many a rude word said they were ready to be tested. (it suck to everything but the stamps!)
So i took out my trusty markers, (tria & Pro) and had a go. I had no idea what i was doing but after 1/2 hour of playing the inks i was quite happy. Then i saw a little seance in my head with the images so tried it out and this was the result.
I drew in the background and frame. Im quite happy with it. Any comments more than welcome.
Take care everyone and happy drawing.

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Ila said...

Your Magnolia card is Gorgeous!!...this is a Wonderful scene you've created!...I have to tell you when I first saw Magnolias...I wasn't to keen on them either...they kind of just grew on
Your drawings are Fabulous! are very talented!!
My oldest daughter is only 4'10' as well....Nice to meet you...Hugs, Ila

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