Saturday, 24 October 2009

Hi everyone, Hope your all well,
I have just got to more tags to show. Both tags are made using My Sixix Dies for the base and decopaged stamped images on top.
I still have loads of these to do so i hope you don't get board of seeing them.
I must mention i did a little church hallshow last weekend ...well it went better than any of the other shows i have done with a £6 profit. I think the nicest thing was to clear stock this has inspired me more and i feel that my work cant be that bad.
On a seprate note great news Little gingers going for the snip next week, He's going in and then has to stay in for 3 days, So i have to clean out the Garage for him to sleep in. ehhehe I just hope he does not spray everywhere..

Anyway work to do Places to run to and cats to feed, so take care and happy crafting.

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