Thursday, 15 October 2009

A bit of info

Hi everyone,
Is it me or it it getting cilly out there??
As my watchers know i recently changed my domain name to have Dragon Art in it... so i thought i should explain why.

When not making cards i Do lots and lots of drawing, mostly dragons. I also do realistic animal sketches to when i have the time. I am hoping to be be able to show you some of theses inbetween the cards and such.

I though i would show you a drawing or two of mine.
The first is a Quick drawing of my Cat Bilbo
Yep she's fat and fluffy but very sweet.

The next little drawing is more of a joke after finding out a friend spelt Igloo with an E, which then made it sound like Egg-loo.

After than i was stuck with the image in my head the whole day.
Most images i do are with Mircon pens which are rather expensive but the inks archival and does not smudge if you work itt right. E.g. Markers before ink.

I also Use Promarkers now and then for drawings. These pens can be tricky if you don't have the right Paper/card stock to use with them.
I tend to you Bristol board But people are charging silly prices for it! You should be able to get 25 sheets for £4.00 But places like Hobby craft charge £9.00 for 25 sheets.

In the long run I would like to improve my skills both in drawing and card making. I would not mind doing a kids book or something. But i have no qualifications so i don't stand much of a chance of that.
But don't worry I've not given up cards but i will
be trying more to show a good range of things. That way i can appeal to a wider range of people.
So till next time everyone take care and happy crafting.

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