Sunday, 11 October 2009

More tags

Hi everyone,

I have entered these in to the Forver friend challenge, I know theres more than one but i could not deside witch to choose form. See:

Oh my Christmas is comming! the cat's are getting fat!

Yep 4 more tags,

People seem to like theses I find them quite easy to make and

it's nice not to have to think to much about what i'm doing.(except when using s

I have found that the FF stamps are just the right size for the tags which is handy. I have other stamps but i just find these are so much better images.

I still have loads more to make ....... In a sence it's harder to do things for people instead of doing it for yourself......I find that i feel presurised to complete the task and i lose the enjoymnt of it all I feel caged....

I have been doing some a small comic in between doing the tags to break them up so i don't lose intrest.

I have a week to get ready for the show Sarahs invited me to. Sh'e not been feeling well so i Hope she will be well for the weekend.

Anyway back to the grind stone.

So everyone take care and happy crafting to you all and to all a crafty night


joanne wardle said...

more excellent christmas tags
Thank you for taking part in the forever friends challenge

Emma (metalicbutterfly) said...

These are fab and the colour combos are great
thanks for playing at FF

Emma xxx

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