Wednesday, 7 October 2009


Hi everyone,
I hope your all well and having lots of fun.
Me and my best friend Sarah at Fluffs creations are going to do another show at a local playschool church place. I just hope we can sell something. It really makes you feel sad when you cant even shift a 50p card.
Anyway on to tonights fun.
I have just been given a comission for christmas tags I need to make 20 of the little buggers! So far i have done 4 in an hour.
I'm puffed I think i will do some more tommorow. Someone else set the price so i am selling these for peanuts which is a tad annoying, But hay ho.
I have managed to over streach a few tendons in my arms making them.
I hope to have some more ideas up.... well i'm going to have to. Mind you making these has made me feel more at one with my patterned papers. So i might try some of the layouts with cards as well.... If i have time.. Hum matching tags and cards???? Might work.
Any feed back as always is appricated,
Considering the shows a week away i seem to already be on edge.
But i guess we can only do our best.
so till next time take care and happy crafting.
Buy the way if anyone can make any suggestions for keeping up moral i'm all ears.

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Sarah said...

These are great mate! Love them all. You should definitely try making matching cards and tags.
xx :0)

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