Sunday, 27 September 2009

Cleaning up

Hi everyone how's it going?
I have been very busy this week with one thing and another but managed to squezze in more cards, I thought i would show two now and two later.
The first is A christmas cards for the kidies. I am a strong belever in using what ever i find and thats what this card is. The ssanata's fromn an old used card and the papers were from my scrap box, the ribbons and stickers are all off cuts to.
I must say i am getting through sticky foam pads like no tommorow they are so fun to use.
The next card was for a Birthday, I used a penny black stamp with Hedgies on it my cuttle swiz dots and card stock.
I also used my MS punch. I still find it tricky getting the paper / card type right but i think i'm learning.
Well till later
hope everyone has fun and happy crafting.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Baby Red squirrel card

Hi everyone ,

Yep another card, I used:

Patterned paper
MS punch
Gem stones (are a girls best friend)
Nesti scallop shapes
Swizz dots embossing folder
Gold stickers

I Can't remember which Squirrel baby this is if it's Birch or Laural so will have to check it. It's nice to have an image that you can pick to be a boy or girl at times or even yellow if you don't know.

Any way enjoy take care and happy crafting.

A little photo

Hi everyone hope your all well,

I was down but Cavasham when i saw this Grebe fishing for it's bubby's.

So i got out my Camra and took a quick shot. It kept on passing it to the young but they kept dropping it. The parant snapped the fishes spine by making wrapied slashing moments with the fish in it's bill. It was amazing to watch.

I need to get a new Camra and a replacment lense the one i'm using is not very versitial and rather slow on focusing, But the quote so far is £1200.00 for a camra body alone!! and £729.00 for a better lense. So I need to sell some cards quick.

I hope to arrange something maybe at work over the next month. Does anyone know any good tips for card selling??
Anyway take care and happy crafting.

Friday, 18 September 2009

October Rust

Hi everyone i hope your all well,

Today's card way inspired by an album I was listening to called October rust. I though i should do something Autumish so i took my unicorn stencial and the cooper embossing paste.( That i got from QVC this week) and set to work. I thought the leaf stencil worked well with the idea I might do more with this later.
The words at the bottom are ment to say Happy birthday. but i have no idea if they do.
Take care everyone and happy crafting.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

My new toy yayaya

Hi everyone, I hope your all well,
Yep i changed the layout again i was playing in CS3 andfancied building something. It's basic for now. I might play with it later.
I just got my Martha Stewart Punch......
I'M SO HAPPY it's so cool, and dinky... i honesty was very supprised at the size but it packs a punch.
I thought i would have a quick try at it and so far i have learnt the papers to use and not use.
I tried the layering effect and i did a frame on a square pic of card. It's a very versitile tool though it does cost.
I hope to make something with patterened papers, but for now i have study for work to do plus comissions and stuff to do.
I also need to start work on Christmas Cards but hay ho i will squeeze them in as i go.
All of the cards featured used:
  1. The MS punch
  2. Gliter glue
  3. Nestibilites dies
  4. Mixed card stock
  5. Cheap stamps
  6. and Forever freinds stamps
  7. Stickers & peel offs.
  8. Metalic pens.
So till next time
Take care everyone and happy crafting.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Getting well

I hope everyones all well and having crafting fun. I though i needed to do something differernt to Birthdays so went for a get well as i know freinds who need them.

This is a quick card using:
  1. Embossing paste,
  2. cardstocks.
  3. Gem stones.
  4. Punches.
  5. Cuttle emboss folders.
  6. Silver pens.
  7. Handmade bow

I got myself an ickle bow maker so hence the handmade bow. i love it, saves loads of time to.

Take care and happy crafting.


Hi all,
How are you all doing, very well i hope.

Here's a little Christmouse wish to everyone. Yep it's a winney bit early i know.

I used:

  1. Embossing folders
  2. Penny black mouse stamp
  3. cheap work stamp
  4. gold stickers
  5. mixed paper and card stock
I have been struggling to use the mouse stamp but after doing this little card i have more ideas.

Oh and a Thankyou to Sarah for this

Sorry iy's taken so long to put up i'm have laptop problems right now so everythings a bit sqewe.

Anyway take care everyone and all the best.
Happy Crafting.

Friday, 11 September 2009

Just a quicky

Hi all,
I'm waiting for new craft stuff in post, but i thought i would
practice a layer or two before i get it.

Made with:
Gem stones
mixed card stock
gold stickers
Glitter glue.
Long punch

I should have cuttled the white but clean forgot to. anyway more later.

Take care and happy crafting to all.

Cards back

Hi Everyone,
Sorry for the absence, I have a few days free so you might see more cards from me.I will fill in the info on Sunday.
Any comment's welcome.
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