Saturday, 19 September 2009

A little photo

Hi everyone hope your all well,

I was down but Cavasham when i saw this Grebe fishing for it's bubby's.

So i got out my Camra and took a quick shot. It kept on passing it to the young but they kept dropping it. The parant snapped the fishes spine by making wrapied slashing moments with the fish in it's bill. It was amazing to watch.

I need to get a new Camra and a replacment lense the one i'm using is not very versitial and rather slow on focusing, But the quote so far is £1200.00 for a camra body alone!! and £729.00 for a better lense. So I need to sell some cards quick.

I hope to arrange something maybe at work over the next month. Does anyone know any good tips for card selling??
Anyway take care and happy crafting.

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