Saturday, 19 December 2009

Nearly all back

Hi everyone,

So sorry absout this.. Right now i'm a tad cursed ...welll the whole family is right now. We have a mini in the garage (second one in a year.... don't ask) and ever since appearing we have had bad luck:

Fridge broke
Washing machine packed up
Ovens on the blink
My brother can't get any work (he's applied for over 300 jobs his CVS fine to)
My mum had a serious fall and is still in pain
My tanks pumps keep breaking (£40 a pump)
Ginger accidendly kicked me in the chest and i was 1cm from being in hospital.
My dads main car (brand new) Breaks failed and needed 2 new tires
My mums new car's doors came lose and would not lock (lucky it's easy to fix)
My car (which my brother using trying to get a job) Is vandalised by yobs (i mean scum since yob is a banded word as it offeneds the yobs) and damaged. (It was on the drive when they did it)
I was an inch away from being hit by a car on my bike ( i thank who ever pulled me out of that one)
My brothers bed underside snaped when he sat on it!! (luckly we have wood planks in the garage)
Then on top my laptop died and i have had to have it rebuilt meaning i am now having to re load all my soft wear, music and programs. camtra programs and graphics packages

Hence the lack of cards..... All these things happened since the mini's arrivel. i wish i could through it out exectp it's in bits whilst my dad restores it he does not wana sell it. Which everyone wants him to do.

I hope i can show you some new cards soon.
Appols again
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