Friday, 24 April 2009

Another type of bookmark

Hi everyone, Hows it going i hope you are all having great weather where you all are.

After seeing Sarah of fluffs creations blogg (great blog) corner book mark i felt inspired and thought i would have a try. It was alot harder than i first thought.
So i followed the instructions .

It was hard not to add gems. and stuff to them but i know they would not last long, so i aimed to keep them simple and yet colourfull at the same time.

First off tried using 4 inch card, but i felt this was to big so i went down to 3 inch card.
All of these were made using :
  • Card
  • Stamped images
  • Punches
  • Gold pens.
I think i might make some more later, i hope you like them so far.
I'm off on Jury service next week so will not be updating for a good 2 weeks. i hope to have more cards done to.
Till then,
Take care and happy crafting to you all.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Compare the ..... com

I have had the gingle & the oh so cute images from TV in my head. For days it has been with me........ so to get rid of it I just did a 10 min sketch in limited colours of a little mearcat. It seems to have gotten it out of my mind now.

For this pic I used:

  1. Prismacolour pencils
  2. Cheap cream card
  3. 2B & H grade pencils
  4. Sprayed with fixative

Plus I really need to get back in to real life work again. as well as working in pencil and colour.

For a rought sketch i'm quite happy with it, and it has reminded my of what i can do when i'm in the right mood to draw.

Feed back always welcome, I might fame and sell this or get a few prints done.

Take care everyone. Happy crafting to you all.

Latest cards

Hi everyone,

Today i have two cards to show.

The first is for a granmother done with:

  1. Papermaina paper stock
  2. Orange card
  3. Cat stamp
  4. Gold Stickers
  5. Gemstones
  6. Nestibilities circile and scallop
  7. Foam squares.

I thought that the colours were a nice suttle mix and gentle enough, I have been trying to steer away from pinks and blues and see what else there is.

The next card could be used for birthdays or other celbratery things. I have not used the new penny black stamp that i got at the NEC this year until now.

This was made with:

Papermaina paper
Green card
Gold stickers
Penny black mouse stamp
Foam squares
Sentiment stamp
Nestibilites oval

For this card i have monted the flower and bee on foam pad to bring it out of the oval where the mouse is.

I hope you like these, till next time take care and happy crafting.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Little pillow boxes

Hi again, told you i would be back.

Right! in what little spare time i have had, I have been making little pillow boxes.

I have managed to make 6 so far and hope to get more done soon,

I would like to sell them at 50p each the template to make them cost under £4.00 so I need to sell at least 8 of them to get my money back then then the 50p will cover the items put on the boxes.

I have found these quick and easy to make which is fun as i can spend more time thinking of what to put on them.

I have so much card stock from sales so it's nice to use all the A5 sheets to make these. It wouks out at one pillow per A5 sheet with a little bit to spare for bordering and stuff.

I hope to try & use card that has been embossed

with my cuttlebug for the next lot. I think this will give them a much professinal look. I might even have a go at making them with patterned paper though i dont want them to look to busy or garish.

I have found the nestibilites butterfly punch just the right size and have been using up my stickers as well.

Which in truth is very good becasue i want to use up as much of my stuff as possible then i can start buying fresh and wont just buy cause it looks nice i will put more thought in to my purchases.

I will be updating again on Monday...... I think, so till then ....
Best wishes to everyone take care and happy crafting.

New start...

Hi everyone,

I have decided to restart this Blogg thingy, it means most of my posts will vanish and then reappear with extra, and tided up, I do this with my art account every so many years. It helps me keep track of things. I spend 8 hours alone sorting photos and stuff so i know what i have and what i need to put up.

My appoligise to the amazing people who watch me if my blogg goes a bit spammy, i should have in all done in the next few days. I have quite a few new bits to show.
So for now i will give you a view of whats keeping me occupied at the moment.

Yep it's another dragon.
I have been playing with CS3 & my wacom tablet, I still have alot of work to do on this , I dont know yet about doing a background, it will take me another 20 hours + to clean it up.
I will have some craft stuff to show later today so please feel free to pop back anytime.
Many thanks for watching take care and happy crafting.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Book for a boy

Hi everyone,hows it going?
i bet your all crafting like mad.
Just the one to day, I little book of tricks for a one year old boys birthday. I thought by leaving the gap of white on the right hand side would work well so people can right there messages above the bunny.
I struggled to get a nice balance. my main aim was to make it look at if the bunny was sat on the edge of the page. I think i got it.
The materials used are:
  • Glitter pens
  • Bunny stamp (Decopages)
  • Nestibilities hearts
  • Nestibilities Rectangles
  • Silver stickers
  • Blue card stock
  • Promarkers
  • Silver markers
I hope you all like it take care and happy crafting.
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