Monday, 13 April 2009

Compare the ..... com

I have had the gingle & the oh so cute images from TV in my head. For days it has been with me........ so to get rid of it I just did a 10 min sketch in limited colours of a little mearcat. It seems to have gotten it out of my mind now.

For this pic I used:

  1. Prismacolour pencils
  2. Cheap cream card
  3. 2B & H grade pencils
  4. Sprayed with fixative

Plus I really need to get back in to real life work again. as well as working in pencil and colour.

For a rought sketch i'm quite happy with it, and it has reminded my of what i can do when i'm in the right mood to draw.

Feed back always welcome, I might fame and sell this or get a few prints done.

Take care everyone. Happy crafting to you all.

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