Friday, 24 April 2009

Another type of bookmark

Hi everyone, Hows it going i hope you are all having great weather where you all are.

After seeing Sarah of fluffs creations blogg (great blog) corner book mark i felt inspired and thought i would have a try. It was alot harder than i first thought.
So i followed the instructions .

It was hard not to add gems. and stuff to them but i know they would not last long, so i aimed to keep them simple and yet colourfull at the same time.

First off tried using 4 inch card, but i felt this was to big so i went down to 3 inch card.
All of these were made using :
  • Card
  • Stamped images
  • Punches
  • Gold pens.
I think i might make some more later, i hope you like them so far.
I'm off on Jury service next week so will not be updating for a good 2 weeks. i hope to have more cards done to.
Till then,
Take care and happy crafting to you all.

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