Tuesday, 12 May 2009

I'm back

Hi everyone,
I'm back, no more Jury duty for me. Saddly this means i have to go back to work which is not so great.
Anyway on with the cards. There are four to show you today.
I was having a sort though of my craft stuff I have so much to use and make. I decided to do a group of speed cards (under 5mins to make).
I had already coloured the images, which i keep in a little box and have to hand and i also have a box of cutout shapes so all i had to do was work out a layout and extras.
Though i still had to think carefully before using the glue and foam pads. It was also quite hard to find bits of card that went with the colours used on the images.
The bits that i used to make all of these cares are:
  1. Pennyblack Images
  2. Gems
  3. Coloured card
  4. Promarkers
  5. Metalic sticker
  6. Glue & foam pads
I find it a good way of providing my family with cards with these simple quick no fun designs.
I am sorting out some personal fun over the next few weeks i then hope to have some more cards and stuff to show as well as an update on my Smudge the rabbit drawing.
I have also stuck a little chat bok on the site and will be playing with the layout so sorry if things start looking very strange.
I will be up loading some stuff later, so till then take care.....
......and happy crafting.

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