Thursday, 14 May 2009

Little dragon and bunny work

Hi everyone, hope your all well and the weathers nice and sunny.

Here's my little dragon,
Can you help him grow big and strong.


The site is safe and sercure all he needs is a freindly click now and then. He is very lonley.

Also heres a quick scan of the rabbit drawing i'm working on:

I am now working on the ears as these are harder and fiddly, I used to think Bunnies were easy to draw.

Dutch look so simple, I was wrong there are so many colours there, shadow and detail. I have a even better respect for them. I still need to do a good 12 hours with this to polish it up. I'm happy with the head and shape it now down to layers.
I just hope the owner will like it.

I need to do this more, it makes me feel good. Drawing like this and using differernt mediums is fun though can get samie though, Thats way i do such a wide range of stuff. I'm Not going to stop drawing other things.

Anyway Take care

Happy crafting
Many thanks
From Me

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