Sunday, 26 July 2009

Purple party

Hi everyone,

Another card form Satardays craft day, this time the penny black cat and mouse relaxing in the bath with bubbles.

Using my cuttle bug embossing folders gem stones stickers and mixed card stock.

I love the layout so far, till next time take care and happy crafting.

My cards were ment to be sheduald but i can't get the schedule thingy to work (oh bother)

Speeding Hedgehogs

Hi everyone,

Another one of the cards made on Satarday using a good old penny black stamp and my embossing plates.

I recomend embossing mottled cards and paper the effects rather nice as the papers colour define the embossing marks.

More to come soon.

I'm going to be quite in a few weeks as i have some commissions and other drawing requests from work for new publications. Thought i dont know if my work will go foward. I hope it does. Then i can put something on my portfolio to say i have achived something.

Take care everyone and happy crafting

Craft days

Hi Everyone hope you all well,

On Satarday i was with Sarah from fluffs creations i managed to make 5 cards so over the next few days i will post them.

First off a little hedgehog chilling in the garden. I thought green worked well with this card. Sarah showed me some great layouts and i feel more confident in what i'm doing now.

I have also got a better idea of using my pro/Tria markers after some hints and tips.

More to come so take care and happy crafting

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Sneek peeks


A very quick sneak peek at some wip work I'm finalising

Here you have Fern Badger from Bracken and Fern. The two little red squirrels are Pine in the top corner and Laural in the baby basket. The Reindeer is Taran. I'm hoping to do characters that will sit on him. (kind of like magniloas do)

Gosh this should keep me busy for a widdley bit!

These are the first rough sketches The real things will be much cleaner and cool looking.

Can I ask everyone something:


I have a huge amount of research to do and then i have to work out the costs. It has made me admire even more the people who have there own stamp businesses. I need to have at least 2,4,6,8.... 10 large designs and ......4...6.....8 small ones. any way back to my drawing board.

Till next time take care and happy crafting.

Baby card blues

Hi everyone,
Hope alls well,
I thought i would try to do something differernt for me, and this is the result The hedgehog is decoparged a bit which i thing gives it a little edge. I will add silver edging tho the layers once i find my pens.
I used:
  • Penny black stamp
  • Black ink
  • Cuttle bug swiss dots
  • Papermaina flower
  • Mixed card stock
  • Gem stones
  • silver stickers
I'm quite chuffed with it, any feed back is always appriciated, I am going to try to do this again in pink and lemon but i think i will add some veramark stamped images to the dark card layer, anyway
take care and happy crafting.

Blogg candy link

Hi everyone,

Just posting a link to a ladys site called Lazy cats Cards, who is offering some loverly popcorn the bear blogg candy:

It's well worth a look and the rules are nice and simple. She has two Bengal cats that are very cute and spotty.

Take care everyone and happy crafting to all

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Bright Birthday

Hi everyone,

A quick summer birthday card for today i used:

Fiscars punch
Gel pens
Cuttle bug embossing folders
Mixed card stock
Black ink
Pro markers
gem stones

I thought this layout worked well with the image and the colours seem to completment each other.

More cards to come soon. I hope to be able to show you a little design i'm doing this week but i will have to see how much free time i have.
Take care all and happy crafting.

Glitter Christmas

Hi all hows it all going,
Just a quicky today using:
mixed card stock
Silver stickers
Silver pen
These are quick easy card sto make and i would recomend everyone trying the embossing paste.
More cards soon so till then take care and happy crafting.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Flowwer and bug stencil cards

Hi all,
Todays card was made using:
Mixed mottle card
enbossing paste
solver stickers
gem stones.
I am also now working on final designs for the stamps i would like to have made. I am quite happy with the designs so far i hope to be able to show you them soon.
I am also now working in Ustream, Doing online drawing and stuff i may even record some stuff, but it depends on my laptop. (it's rather ill right now)
Take care now and happy crafting to everyone.

Unicorn dreams

Hi everyone card updates ahoy!

I'm sorry i have not been around much i hope to do more crafting from now on i am suffering with a massive art block, I know it's going to be around for a bit so i have gone back to card making whilst waiting for it to pas.

A quick card I made today using the following items:

Embossing paste

Unicorn stencil

Silver stickers

Cuttlebug embossing folder

Gem stones


The card took about 15 mins to make i plan to experiment with the stencil on some glitter cards i brought a white a go. I can see this design working for teenageers.

I have not done a black and white card before. I am very happy with the result. I'm going to treat myself to some more of the paste. It's so easy to use and fun.

Any feedback is as always more than welcome.
More cards on the way so till then take care and happy crafting

Monday, 13 July 2009

Little ginger update

Hi Everyone hope your well,

Well i thought i should say how he's doing. After he nearly died in the winter i have been working on and with him like mad.

He still cant quite meow he hisses at everything which its quite funny yestarday we got back late from a trip and there he was waiting for us he tried to run around my legs and meow but hissed instead bilbo was sat near by looking confused.

We are making big progress
as this photo shows he's happy to rest near us and his coat is much better. He needs to be snipped so we are going to get the CPL to help fund it and his injections.
He's not spraying as much now which is also good.

I hope to make some cards over the next few days . So till then take care everyone and happy crafting to you all.
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