Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Sneek peeks


A very quick sneak peek at some wip work I'm finalising

Here you have Fern Badger from Bracken and Fern. The two little red squirrels are Pine in the top corner and Laural in the baby basket. The Reindeer is Taran. I'm hoping to do characters that will sit on him. (kind of like magniloas do)

Gosh this should keep me busy for a widdley bit!

These are the first rough sketches The real things will be much cleaner and cool looking.

Can I ask everyone something:


I have a huge amount of research to do and then i have to work out the costs. It has made me admire even more the people who have there own stamp businesses. I need to have at least 2,4,6,8.... 10 large designs and ......4...6.....8 small ones. any way back to my drawing board.

Till next time take care and happy crafting.

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