Monday, 13 July 2009

Little ginger update

Hi Everyone hope your well,

Well i thought i should say how he's doing. After he nearly died in the winter i have been working on and with him like mad.

He still cant quite meow he hisses at everything which its quite funny yestarday we got back late from a trip and there he was waiting for us he tried to run around my legs and meow but hissed instead bilbo was sat near by looking confused.

We are making big progress
as this photo shows he's happy to rest near us and his coat is much better. He needs to be snipped so we are going to get the CPL to help fund it and his injections.
He's not spraying as much now which is also good.

I hope to make some cards over the next few days . So till then take care everyone and happy crafting to you all.

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