Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Bracken and Fern Cards

Hi everyone,
Two more cards featuring Bracken & Fern These are once again rough cards. The image sizes are way off what i want them. But i was eager to see how they come out. The aim of these roughs will be to make a stamp or two in the end, But thats a little way off yet
First off a congratulations
card for university students.
The gown and the hat where fun to drawn
I drew them separatly and used a light box to cloth the character.
I think i got the expression ok on this one and that there is enough movment within the drawing.
Other materials used Red & black card stock, Netsibilities dies. My imaginations, Silver pens.
Second is a congratulations
on passing your driving test card with one of the badgers tearing up the L plate.
I think the ears are a bit big so might change this one. I struggle with perspective and had to break the drawing down quite a bit.
I used card stock, Nestibilities, Pro markers, and stickers.
Many thanks for popping by,
Cheers take care
and happy crafting.

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Sarah said...

These are fantastic mate! Sorry, I thought I'd commented on these earlier.
xx :0)

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