Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Stamp making questions

Hi everyone,
I hope you are well.

Well the drawing of smugger the rabbit has been done and sent to his owner. So now i'm cleanning up bits and such i have another 8 bookmarks to complete which i am working on and off of. I also want to make another Polymore stamp with Fern & Braken. I am working on rough sketches so hope to be able to show you some ideas later on what they might look like. The hardest part is finding somthing no one has yet done.

I also need to find someone to make some. The company i used for the first one was very expensive so i need to find someone who can do a good job for a fair price, I might look to america.
Once i have things going then i plan to use some them in blogg cadies and such.

Anyway here's one of the first ideas.

The image has a lot of faults with it. (the mouth shape, pose colouring) Blame my brother for that he keeps on making loud noises and distracting me.

This is the 6th version of the image i have tried tonight. I am getting frustrated now so will quit tonight.
So i'm going to do the true version at work tommorow I will find an unused room and hide away and concentrate.

I could do with feedback on this image good and bad.
This image once cleaned andsorted will be made in to a stamp like my last one.

In The real version on the card the words would be bigger and more gold borders and gem stones used, but as it is a rough layout i have not added all of those things.

The pens ran baddly so there are alot of white bits that ar't white.

till then take care and happy crafting.

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