Sunday, 31 May 2009

Cats and cards

Hi everyone how's it going, I hope everyone got great weather and having fun crafting.
First off a bookatrix card.
I was inspired to try this after seeing my best friend Sarah do an amazing bookatrix card for a friend who was leaving work to be a happy granny.
Sarah does these great books with complmenting colours and eye catching detail yet they are unclutered and light i'm rather jealous of her ability to make them so nice. She use's vellum and prints lovley asying on it for the front layer.
I dont have a great printer so instead i used a saying stamp from The Unmounted Stamp Company. I should have done it in purple but was having problems getting the ink to stay on the vellum.
I used mixed card stock flower things i got cheap from hobby craft and silver stickers. It no where near as nice as the one Sarah did but i have learnt loads in making it.
Our cat Bilbo....
I just have to show you the look on her face....
Pee'd off or what.
I think she was having a bad hair day or something.
Anyway that's all form me so far i have artists block and don't feel motivated to do anything though i really should.
Take care everyone and happy crafting.

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Sarah said...

Hey, your card is fantastic! Don't put yourself down, you make great cards. Mine aren't that great.
Bilbo doesn't look too happy does she!!
xx :0)

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