Saturday, 16 January 2010

Nesti number picker

Hi everyone,
Odd title i know,

but heres what i'm thinking:

Your at a show and someone looks at your cards and asks questions do you have a ...... ? Do you have a ......? Then you find the card with the image they like it looks like a good sale fair and just for the product, but ho noesss!! it's the wrong saying or number...... darn the customer loses intrest and goes off and buys a mass made over priced printed thing.

But how do you get around this??

Do you make the same design and have 100's with differnt saying?? Nar you will breach Angel polices doing that. So instead. Cut out blank nesties eg circle and scallop shown here. Then take a select sticker set or stamps to the show. Be senible and think of time you have.

When the customer finds the fitting image offer to them a choice of sayings or numbers, Decorate your nesties as fit and sell sell sell.

It's worth a try. any way that's me thinking. Oh and the cards made with :

  1. Magnolia horse Decopages
  2. Magnolia rider
  3. Dolly lace punch
  4. Silver stickers/ silver pen/ Ribbon
  5. Gemstones
  6. Mixed card stock
  7. Nesties

Take care and happy crafting.

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