Thursday, 7 January 2010

not posting due to family pobs

Hi I have just got back from the hospital where my mum is after she fell on ice on some steps when trying to get to the shops to buy some boots so she could walk to work.......cause her boss was rude to her......... She has a badly broken wrist and due to complications had the surgury to day at 2.00ish. One doc had orginally said it would have to wait till monday and that we were to take her home with paster around the wrist. But after i explained that she had had numbness in 3 of her fingers since the accident at 9.20 that there was clearly something wrong and it needed to be delt with. Also the fact that there's little to no access to where i live except on foot and she could not even stand.

When she fell i banged on 3 doors and called for help whlist my dad phoned 999..... you know what.... people looked out there windows but did not come out. She lost contusiness several times and i was holding her up incase she went down in the snow. she was frozen and in bad shock. Luckly one man did open his door and he was first aided trainned, his wife/partner turned out to be a trainny nurse who works on the same desk as my mum. they helped get her in and sat down in there house. whilst i waited for the paramedic. they arrived very quick in a 4 by 4 (go andy) the medic i new as he trainned me 10 years ago and i was so glad to see him. then lardy and another chap (worked with) appeared in the big yellow special ambulance but were stood down. So off mum went with Andy. Me and dad had to get a bus 1/2 mile away in to town then walk to the hospital. we had to buy socks and boots on the way through. it was a hard walk and we kept slipping over. i was terriffied my dad would be hurt. When we got to hospital we werere taken straight to her, Andy had rung her boss and had a right go at her and so did the recptionist at casualy (old friend) One of the girls form the department mum works on came down but could not stay long cause the boss had not been happy (the clinics for the day were canciled so i give in) Mum had had her xray and was told an opp to pin and plate her wrist was needed. the said come back on Monday. we said no. I was glad the surgon and the anniatist found out about the numbness otherwise.... i don't know.

Mum was in surgury for over 2 hours and we got to see her at 4:30 it was horried listening to the moniteors going beep beep bep! They did ops for a while and then evently got her on a ward about 6.00. where she will be till tommorow. we got a taxi to the pub and walked home in the road. the cats are looking for her and wont settle, i'm tired and in pain, my head hurts and i feel empty inside.

I know i'm brusised as i fell first and mum fell behind me, but i forgot about my self and when i saw her wrist (fork break) she was my only thought.

So please everyone don't go on the ice no matter how much you work moan or are rude. Don't take the risk. We saw 7 broken ankles a spinal and head injury and many other people in the hospital. A hudge amount of breaks where for people who work at the hospital and were ordered to walk in........ it an't worth it.
Good night.

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