Sunday, 31 January 2010

Face only a mother could love

Hi everyone,

Just a couple of photos whilst i'm thinking. I have been planning some more cards but i need to get a stock take done first. I also need to look for a show to do as i'm drowning in cards.
In the mean time i thought i would show you how the progress with Little ginger the stray has gone.

Little ginger..... Well i think he's settled in now. He obays comands through clicks and will do things when asked. e.g. sit, go there, come ear!, what do you want? (meows back).
So progress has been good, he's not bothered about bill though she still smacks him if he sniffs her.
My parants still say he has the face only a mother could love. He still has to get the snip as he smells but he's good and does not spray indoors.
It's sad to think that people dump pets, i'm so glad i have saved two, yet my heart goes out to the thousands i can't help or the boxes of kittens and elderly animals that are killed because homes can't be found. I wish the government would sponser the world wide nueturing and controlled breeding prodject. That way it would save the suffering.. ..... anyway i have better get of the soap box. so take care and happy crafting.

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