Saturday, 25 October 2008

More about what i get up to

Well i did mention i do Photography on my about me bit. So i though i had better show some photos.

Here's two robing having a chat about who gets the dried mealworm. Taken at work and within four foot of them.
And here' s another Robin at work having a sing song in a tree.

My photos are mostly of wildlife from home and work, I also go to country shows get photos of horses, dogs and other animals. Sometimes i get a tad to close to the action......

......and other times i stick my neck out

But i get out ok. I love wildlife so much i will do any thing for a good photo.

I love getting close so i can see the white of the subjects eyes, Which can lead to a lot of fun. And someone hanging on to me.

So like the above remember to keep smiling, have fun and happy crafting.

Take care.


Sarah said...

Fantastic photos mate! I just wish my photos were a quarter as good as yours!
xx :0)

Cattoo said...

The singing Robin photo is beautiful :-)

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