Monday, 30 March 2009

Bilbo & Gingers Story, aka Grump cat & happy cat.

Two years & a bit ago
(Gosh i cant belive it's been so long) in April we noticed a skinny long haired cat in the garden a pretty thing Tortie coloured. But it always ran away when anyone went near. I tried Meowing to it ( i'm great at cat talk) But it would only stop look and then runn off. As the days went on we heard our neighbours compain a cat was getting in their house and eatting thier cats food. (well do you blame it)

Then on a hot day i saw the cat again so decided to use a trick i used when working with an injured fox i called Hazel.(I shall tell you about her another time) I went down the garden Meowing gently (the cat shot off under the trees at the back of the garden) then sitting down with a bowl of strawberries and cream. I started meditating,...... um ....well it's kind of finding something with your mind and lowering all defences like becoming one with the thing you are consentrating on. (I'm not a religious nut I just belive in a balance) After 5/10 minutes i new the cat was behind me, and not scared she then climbed on to my lap purring/meowing and head butting me and tried to eat the Strawberries and cream. My Parants came down and she hissed at them when they got to close. I lead her down the the house and she drank 3 bowls of Watered down milk.

Saddly the rest of the family came down and the kids scarred her off, But once they went she was back. I put up posters and spoke to the vets,
But no one ever claimed her so we are now her legal owners,
The vet thinks she was an abandoned Christmas Present.

As for a name we called her Bilbo Baggins as she loves to sleep in or on bags! She is a posh cat.

She has a routen & has to play at 1/4 to 6 in the morning when we get up or is in a strop all day.

Though sometimes as you see when she scares herself and runs away then comes back to play again later..

She has helped the family through some tough times. and is a great lap warmer.

Last year we had a visitor, A young feral Ginger cat who came in the garden. Being very hungry we fed him, but he was shy and hid. Just Like Bilbo did. Day by day he became bolder, until he would wait outside the door for us.

The problem was he cant meow and only hisses with teeth beared, ear flat, looking very evil. I know he does not mean it and i happy Stroke him with no problems, But my mum was terriffied that he would sratch or bite her (she has bad leg viens) and said he should be put down, I said NO to that.

So over the last few months not only have i worked with Ginger But with the family as well.

Little Ginger we belive is Bilbo's Brother,

In the winter we nearly lost him to the cold he just laid down on the open ground as if he had given in, But with me prodding and meowing at him i got im behind the tree's and on a blanket, He made it but it was touch and go.

He's better now, he lost nearly all his body weight over winter and is now only just getting it back. I hope to have more photos soon. He's a good little cat no trouble at all and now my mum can stroke him with out worrying. He even is trying to meow though it's just a squeek, it's getting better and the hissing is getting less.

It just goes to show. You cant judge a book from it's cover.

Take care everyone and happy crafting

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Sarah said...

Aww, bless him! Ginger is so cute! I thought you'd had Bilbo two years?? I used to be sat where you're sat now when she appeared and I've been gone from there for 18 months!!
xx :0)

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