Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Hi everyone,
How's it all going?
I can't belive Christmas is so close .. I need to do an E card for everyone at work.!! I don't know where does time go?
Well her are the magnets i was saying about, I have only done 3 Designs so far but i'm sure more will follow.
The stars aof the Magnets are:
A Muntjac deer doe form work.
My cat Bilbo on her sunbed (aka the bird table)
A dragon character of mine.
They have been played with in CS3 (hugs laptop). Though i'm finding the print colour much to dark so i still have work to do with them.
The company i brought the casing off does do a program to fit stuff on paper but i think it's much more limited to what you can do.
I hope to update with some cards soon, so till then take care and happy crafting to all.

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