Monday, 31 May 2010

Beenham wolf center

Hi everyone I hope your all well,

I just a quicky filler for today. I went to Beenham wolf centre today and had a great time....

I so need a new camra (fingers crossed this friday)

It was well worth it. Though there only one good place to get photos and a que, I loved it I took 200 photo's but due to tec probs only a handful were any good.

I also got chatting to some very nice chaps and was kicking myself for forgetting the BC's to pass around. There were so many pros there I felt Like a right kid.

There were birds of prey and huskies and loads of great things to see.

Anyway off for lunch

If you want to see more photos check out my DA page (see link on left of screen)

Hope everyone has a great time and happy crafting to all.

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Zeshin Kitsuné said...


We met briefly today, on the viewing platform. It was good to chat with you ^.^ I'm always around on MSN / YIM / AIM / Gtalk etc if you fancy chatting again sometime.

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