Wednesday, 2 June 2010

A little update

Hi everyone

I thought I would post something to fill in the gap of January.
As many you may have read on my Jan post I did not get a good start to the year when my mum broke her wrist well. Here a little update to that.

The news on here wrist was quite funny in the end (in a morbid way) But we had to see the funny side to it.
1st paramendic on arrivel = "It's just a split break they will minipulate it and plaste and you will be fine" ( haha Bless u Andy you are rubbish lier but Thats the amazing thing about the services they do an amazing job 7 and you could not ask for any better) Andy trained me at ST J's & is an awsome chap with a wicked sence of hummor

Next The first doctors = You've broken your wrist have it in plaster and we see you in so many days

After telling them there was something wrong = Off to surgury we go in go the pins

Next = You've samshed your Radious (outch)

After all of it my mum was in load of pain still. and her shoulder was playing up

So she went to phsyo some weeks later they took another xray (cause a nice doctor asked them too.

Guess what! My mum had as good as shattered her radius and Olnar!. She now has one bone shorter than the other. She may need surgury in the future to help the wrist but she seems to be healling well and is driving again which has made her more happy. They think she's torn the mussels in her shoulder so she will need special exerises for that. So in a way good news.

I have to say that I never in a million years could have been as brave as my mum. She has been though so much and kept on fighting.

To show how deep the snow was Bilbo's a big cat she's got Norweigen blood in her and had to swim though drifts to get to us at times. When she jumped in the snow we lost slight of her at times.
So hope everyone else is very well and was safe in those snowy times. Till next time take care and happy crafting

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