Monday, 14 June 2010

A trip through the new forest

Hi Everyone,

Yep late post, On sunday I went to a mini rally (dad's hobby) and to get to there we had to go throught the new forest. Now the forest has a national park status and is a place of true wonder, With ancient woodlands and rolling heather.
Well worth a trip.
There were cows and horse all over the place and loads of foals. We though we saw an injured one so stopped and with some other people checked it out. It turned out to be ok just sleeping in a ditch. It's dam was near and seemed ok with us getting up close to it. SO CUTE.
Theres only one thing that ruins it. DUMB DRIVERS!! We were having great time when a shape appreared in the road. It was a baby donkey It had been hit and left in the road. A load of people came behind us and started checking it.... I think it was to late though. You really have to keep eyes open as what appears as shadows can turn out to be cows chewing the cud half way in the road. Apart from that it was a good day. Anyway take care and all the best. Happy crafting.

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