Sunday, 23 November 2008

My Art work

In my personal details i mention that i do drawings as well as cards and craft work. So i thought i should show some of it.

I have been drawing since i could chew a pencil and have never really stopped be it on a plane, car, coach, train, at work, at home, and at sea, i always have a pencil on my and a scrap of paper, I tend to do my best work in holiday clubs, the music and entertainment, help clear my head, I also love talking to people about what I'm doing.

So what do i draw? well below are a few examples.

The first is a little Fish dragon, i drew for an online art challenge. I used my fav medium which is black ink, on Bristol board.

I love having the odd challenge as it helps me develop my ideas to the next level.
I must confess i have a major love of all things dragony, From models to books i just cant get enough of them, They come up in nearly all my art. From Western designs through to the far east. I find the best thing about them is that there are no set rules on how you draw them.

This critter is one of my takes on The Eastern style dragons with it's long whiskers and dear like horns, Once again done In Black ink and Bristol Board. I might get some copies and do some colour versions, but we will have to see.
This pic took about 2 hours to draw, due to the detail on the hair and scales.
I have been known to spend 42 yes 42 hours on one pic. It was hard but well worth it.

I have also learnt to branch out and draw a multitude of things. Which include animals, and objects, I'm no good at people so have never gone down that road.
By combining my Photo skills with drawing skills i am able to create realistic animal pictures.
These take longer than my dragons due to the level of detail in them. I love getting a good result and am hoping to get a tutor to help me expand this area of drawing.

This little pic was made using a photo that i took from a local stable, then many many hours with Prismacolour pencils, and electronic rubber, and sore fingers.
I'm happy with the horse i need to sort out the background though.

I also use Tria makers for my art, I love then to bits, I tell you how many sades of grey can there be? With marker over 40! All you need is one colour from each range and the levels of light and shade you can get are amazing!
The pic below was made with mixed mediums thought main part was done with markers.
By using a photo (cause watching fish can give you rather sore eyes) I was able to get a good balance of light and shade.
I used Tria markers, Pro markers, Indian ink, Prismacolour pencils on Bristal board.
By using a minimal back ground i think the eyes are draw straight to the bold colours of the fish.

So there you have it, some examples of my art work.
Many people say they cant draw, but in truth they can they just need guidance and help, so if your one of those people don't give in, remember we all have to start somewhere.
The same rules apply to card making. Just keep trying, and in the end you wont believe what you can achieve.
I hope you like what you have seen, and any comments are more than welcome.
Till next time take care and happy crafting to all.

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Cattoo said...

Wow your drawings are fantastic, love the dragon fish :-)

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