Saturday, 7 March 2009

New member of the family (but not mine personly)

I has to show a photo of my cousins new baby called Jessica-Holly.....My Cousin has loved those names for years and always promised that if she had girls those would be the names.... then evil showed it's dark face... the loss of two inocents by those names happened..... My cousin was told them names were not appropiate now and she should think of others.

My cousin had two boys one after the other one called Oliver the other Jacob, then a couple of months ago she was pleased with a little girl who came round today.
Here she is

and boy can she scream!! opera singer or what!!
Bilbo ran and hid and has only just settled down, I'm no good with babies so kept out the way.
I hope to get some cards done soon, take care and happy Crafting.

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Sarah said...

How cute is she mate!! She's so adorable!
xx :0)

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