Saturday, 14 March 2009

Pillow box test plus the show

Hi everyone, Hope you all well and having lots of crafty fun.

As for me weel what can i say.......
Yestarday i was very honoured to go to The Birmingham NEC with my best mate Sarah (see fluffs creations blogg,) and her husband Jon (he finds it intresting to.) This was my 2'nd time there & I still felt over welmed by the stalls and people. Pheweee so many thing to buy and see you almost need 2 days to break it up with. Penny Black Stamps, Miles of Ribbons, Inks and glitters, Die cuts, lights... and so much more. .. oh and this year you got a £9.99 cookey book with the guide only for £3.00. Very nice book to.

Alot of the stalls had sold out of stock on the first day so we had to hunt hard, but even then did not complete out lists. I spent lots which i enjoyed doing. I loved seeing all the cards that were made with all the differernt dies, card, & stamps, so insperational.

The only downer for me was that i became a tad ill half way through, My ears and stomac started giving me grief. But i held on..... The train journey back did not help as the motion seemed to make me feel worse. By the time we got back to Reading i was all but ready to chuck I had a 2 min warning (my body does funny things) But held on, I knew i could not get on a train to Theale without problems, so luckly my Mum came & picked me up from the station. I felt bad & guilty as Sarah and Jon stayed with me to make sure i got home ok, (I was having mussel spasams and shakes at this point) Which ment that they were delayed in getting home.(Sarah and Jon are the best people in the world)
Though i offered a lift they declined, mind you i spend the car journey home emptying my stomac in to several bags. It's something to do with my stomac and ears and head so like having a migrane plus extras.

Today so far i have taken tablets of all types to settle my stomac and head though i still feel rubish and shakey.
On one of the stalls they were selling all sorts of templates one was for a pillow box. so i thought yay thats wha i want. I have just had a quick go and this was the result......

I used Nestibilites hearts and butterfly with Cuttle bug boarder stip on mixed card stock and gold stickers. The butterflies wings were colored in Promarkers. That i got from the show.

It my first try so any feed back would be appricated. Cheers.

I have also been making key ring parts for an online game called the endless forest. I had the idea to try it after doing the previous ones.

They are for the players Lemon and Walter. I plan to do more of these soon.

Take care all and happy crafting.

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Sarah said...

Just glad you're feeling a bit better mate. The box looks great, must test my template out now!
xx :0)

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