Sunday, 15 March 2009

The madness continues...

Hi everyone,
Hope it's all sunny and nice where you are, Well after Fridays bad luck i thought i would be safe.... dream on! This morning I was doing my weekend bike ride of a few miles with plans for another one in the afternoon. When low and behold i got my first big puncher on my new bike (a few months old) This resulted in a two mile walk pushing the bike up hill on a flat all the way (muttering dark things about broken glass and Burbrus bushes).
Now i know i wanted exersise but not like that! so i came home rather fed up. I now am going to have to see if i can get Keflon inertubes (stuff army use) for the bike so will have the bike out of action for a nother few weeks. Bother! Why do i bother dieting..... I supose the irony is that my mum brought me a puncher kit on Sataday & i forgot to pack it.
Any way on to crafting which cheered me up a tad.
First off i made two more Pillow boxes using the same materials as before. But using differernt colours and sayings.
I love my nestibilities Butterfly. I must go and get some vellums to use it on and then i can use both sets and build them up.
I am finding the boxes much easier to make now and have worked out the best wieght of card to use with them. I have some very heavy assitate which i might have a try on.

Then I made a card using Little clairs Flower stamp I brought in Birmingham and my new nestibilities die cuts. I love the stamp, It's very versatile. I might decoparge it up later. Just to give it some extra umph.

Well till next time i hope everyone takes care and happy crafting to all of you.

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Sarah said...

Great boxes and card! You've really got the hang of it. I've not used mine yet. You're not having much luck are you mate!! Sounds like you're feeling a bit better today, which is good to hear.
xx :0)

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