Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Eeeeeppppp! Dreams might come true

Oh my..... cough,, gosh...crumbs!

Hi'ya world,

Have i had an intresting day! .........Well ..... work was it's normal daft situations.....but then...... Fern and Braken might be coming soon as stamps.......well a stamp...... One design so far.

I approched a company over making a stamp they said yes. The company has been extremly helpful and friendly, Just the sort of thing a novice like me needs, and i should recive something in the post soon.
Now i'm still reading the companies Angel pollicy they have to see where i stand so this could only be a test run sort of it kind of thing. Also it's coasting me over £10 to do, But i dont mind this,
I just had to tell you as i'm so happy. Roll on postman.
Take care everyone and happy crafting

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