Wednesday, 18 March 2009

YAAAAYYYY I got my stamp made!

Hi everyone,

I have to be one of the happyist people on the plant right now.

My little Badger characters have been made in to a stamp. I say Charaters as the image can be male or female depending on the colours used.

Sorry about the poor photo i hope it's ok for giving an idea of the shape of the stamp.

As you can just about see the images from this stamp are crisp, clear with no gaps, what i call a topnotch job. I will have to get some tack &peal stuff to stick it to the clear block thingy, but right now im just so happy.

But how did you do it, i hear you ponder wellll.......

I made a request for a custom stamp through The English stamp company (go see there website at )So i have them to thank for this wonderful creation.

Being my first try at something like this i was full of daft questions and not sure what to do. The company gave me amazing qualiy of customer service and helped all the way the stamp was made in amazing time and sent in super fast time. Though they are a little pricey you do get a great quality product from them, so it is worth sending that little bit extra. So a big thanks to them for all there help.

I wish everyone the happyist of weeks take care and happy crafting.

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Sarah said...

Well done you mate!! I'm so proud of you!!
xx :0)

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